Re: Website Review Magazine


[font=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif:ulgwfjhd]The original files if deleted will cause copy paste photos to have an X. The photos you place anywhere on your site should be stored in the document cabinet, photo gallery, or your “My MSN photos” section. [/font:ulgwfjhd]
If you want to use a photo from another place on the Net and not save it to your photo galleries or community documents than you can insert it by using its URL and type it directly into HTML codes with scr scripts. I would not reccomend this because  one that is stealing bandspace of the website you are linking the photo directly from and often times their is a copyright on the photo.[/font:ulgwfjhd]
Store your work in your photo galleries.[/font:ulgwfjhd]
If you have than see x marks it is your browser settings or MSN is doing repairs and thier is a malflunction in the system for the time being.[/font:ulgwfjhd]