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Hey who knows maybe you guys will be down here one day. If interested go to and apply. Whatever you do they probably hire at least one person. They’ve probably hired most people by now but next year is still open.
Press Pack? Lets see. Lorie and I quit our American Dream lifestyle at the end of 1996. Sold our house, gave all our furniture away and got on a friend’s sailboat with the plan of sailing around the world for 3 years. Didn’t work. We got caught in a storm while anchored in the lagoon at Tahiti. The boat washed ashore with us aboard and we eventually sunk on the beach in the waves. That ended that trip, but we stuck out our thumbs and hitched rides as working crew on¬† a total of 3 more sailboats and went to all those places that people dream about. 10 months after starting we landed in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand where we became volunteers for DOC their ‘National Park Service’. We stayed in a variety of hut’s for over a year and a half clearing trails and boating around to the different islands doing recreation and wildlife work. It was a thrill but eventually the money ran out and we returned to the states.
¬†Before leaving we ran into a fellow returning from ‘the ice’ who told us how to apply for jobs with the United States Antarctic Program. We took a 24 hour bus trip to Denver to attend the job fair and the rest is history. This year is our 3rd time back and our second time wintering over. We are planning to come back again for the winter of 2003. After that who knows. It will be seven years since we lived for more than a couple of months anywhere else and maybe it’s time to settle down, maybe not. We’ll see where the wind blows us.
The webpage gives a good idea of what we do down here. That should fill in the blanks , but feel free to ask anything you like.
forever wandering