Re: What Next?


Lucky’s a bit tongue in cheek, there. I thought he was serious at first. Hirerite is the next step for anyone who is being considered for employment. They are the ones who do the background checks. Most will fly through that part. The background checks are looking for people with either a drinking or drug problem, or who have a record of violence. Chances are if you’ve just been let of prison for drunken bar fights, you would not be looked at very seriously. Once through the background checks you will be on a shortlist of applicants. The winners get a contract, either full or as an alternate. Once the contract is signed they send the medical and dental packet. Get that part done as quickly as possible. If your doctor can’t get you in within two months, find another doctor. Many people initially flunk the medical exam. Mostly for blood chemistry being out of whack. You will be asked to take a retest if you flunk. If you waited too long on the initial exam, you won’t have time to take a retest. Thats why it’s imperitive that you get the medical out of the way fast. Dental as well. Lot’s of people need extra stuff. Teeth pulled or drilled. deep cleanings. I’ve never heard of anyone failing the dental. But the same thing as medical. If you need a wisdom tooth pulled, you get it pulled and down you come. If you only have two weeks left, you won’t be coming down.
For those of you who don’t get the Hirerite call right away, don’t give up. Keep in touch. Almost certainly someone somewhere is going to back out at the last minute. You have a chance all the way until October.