Re: what type of construction work goes on down there?


Hi matt
My best advice is to get in touch with the person who hired you for the last season. Give them a call and cut through all the  normal stuff. Somebody took notice of  you then, maybe they rememer you.
As far as carpentry goes, they do it all including some concrete. Last year and this year are the big years for building. They built a new transmitter site last year. This year a new science complex and a communication building. They are in the process of stripping out dorms and remodeling them.
The season begins  at the end of august (winfly)when they send in an early contingent. Mostly runway support and early supervisory and support personnel.Mainbody begins the first week in october and continues on until everyone is here. Because of storms it’s hard to say exactly when you’ll arrive. If the weather stays bad you could be delayed in Christchurch up to a week or more. (everybody prays for bad weather). Winter begins at the beginning of February and lasts until the following October. In general unless there are extenuating circumstances once you spend the winter you have to leave. Every year there are a couple of people whose replacements never showed up and are asked to stay, but that is not the norm and something you should not count on.
I’m currently working supply for the carp shop so maybe I’ll see you here.