Re: Who is coming down at Winfly


There are 3 winfly flights on three different days with passengers. More than likely everyone for  each day will take the same flight from LA to Aukland. Your flight into LAX will bring you into the domestic terminal . Your flight out will be from the Bradley International Terminal a short walk away. Ask lots of questions to find your way.
I know they give you a 50 lb allowance, but do you really want to be hauling 50 pounds around? Carry your expensive stuff. Mail everything thats not important. Most mail will come in around the mid part of October. Tshirts and sweats can be bought in the store if you find yourself in a bind. You will get tons of cold weather clothing issued to you. There are also the Skua piles of discarded clothing that can sometime yield treasures.
As with all travel, your checked luggage can get lost. It happens to someone every year. Make sure your hand carry has a change of clothes. Also hand carry your computer if you have one and your cameras. You won’t want to take a chance on those getting lost.
You will have been given a colorful tag to put on your bags. When you get to LAX look around and find the people with the tags, they’ll show you the ropes.
When you land at Aukland, You first pick up your bags and then go through customs and the agriculture check. No fresh fruit allowed it’s an instant 200 dollar fine. I usually keep all my candy bars etc from the trip out in the open and declare them. I’ve never had them taken away and its nice having some snacks in the airport.
After getting through customs you walk around the corner and recheck your bags for the next leg. You can check them at the international terminal. Your flight to christchurch will be from the domestic terminal , again a short walk away. Best to find someone to show the way. There should be lots of ice folk by this time.
When you arrive in Cheech, there is a USAP booth in the main lobby. There you get your hotel assignments. You may also go to the CDC (clothing distribution center) for an orientation. It’s a nice walk, so if someone will show the way, give your bag to the  driver and walk.
Get your hotel room, get settled and get into cheech to see the sights. If you are unlucky, you will be flying down to MCM in a day or two, so maximise your time. Make a stop at Baileys Bar in the Square. Check out the arts center especially the open air market on saturday. Try a trip to Littlyton. Also there are tons of great resturants. Find some friends and have some fun.
good luck