Re: Who is coming down at Winfly


[font=Arial:4800lli2]Great advice, Mike!  [/font:4800lli2][font=Wingdings:4800lli2]J[/font:4800lli2]

[font=Arial:4800lli2]For any newbies concerned about the long flight, jet lag, etc – here are a few things that have worked for me:[/font:4800lli2]

[font=Arial:4800lli2]Raytheon typically books you on a flight to [/font:4800lli2][font=Arial:4800lli2]Auckland[/font:4800lli2][font=Arial:4800lli2] that arrives in the morning.  I stayed up all night the day before I left & crashed out on the flights from LA.  If you can get 6-8 hours of sleep somewhere during the 12, you get to NZ refreshed, already on their time schedule, and ready to walk all over Cheech.[/font:4800lli2]

[font=Arial:4800lli2]Also, at risk of sounding like a commercial, anyone into natural remedies might be interested in checking out a product called Airborne.  (available from, which is also a fantastic resource for shipping extras to the ice.)  It’s a combination of vitamins & herbal extracts designed to help your immune system cope with the stress of flying.  I’m hooked.[/font:4800lli2]

[font=Arial:4800lli2]Most of all, just have fun!  There is nothing like the experience of your first trip down – take time to enjoy yourself & soak it all in.[/font:4800lli2]

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