Ive been there at Winfly, if you havent told them yes yet…get on the horn
and do it. Just be careful when you get there because snow removal isnt a
great priority in all area's and if you slip and fall…(no matter what they
tell you) it does piss them off, it damages there safety matrix and the
winter over FEMC manager will smile at you but tell you to stop slipping and
falling. YOu will find a bit of TRUE hipocrasy at McMurdo. By the
way….spread the word to all you know that are going down there that you
are NOT allowed to Vote in the up coming elections while your down there so
DO get an absentee ballot and send it in. Some may have to ask a Trusted
friend to do it for you but DO IT! You will enjoy your stay down there as
long as you keep in mind that your there to work and play hard during off
work hours but the only Rights you will have down there are spelled out in
your contract you sign….meaning you have NO Constitutional Rights while
your a Raytheon Contract Employee. A group of us went over this during the
2002-2003 summer season. As long as your informed ahead of time and believe
you can handle it for 4 to 6 months…Go For It. The experiance is woth it.
Oh….also keep in the back of your mind…”Its not the continent that is
harsh…its some of the managers down there..” I truly hope for all your
sakes that Raytheon has corrected the majority of those problems…which im
sure they have addressed since the summer season that I was there.

Good Luck and have fun.

Rick Brohman
past McMurdo Electrician