Cool, you got hired. I think the most fun thing about this site is watching the new people go through the process of asking, job fair, pq, and then the questions about what to bring.
Next hint. Start mailing some of your stuff now. The smaller the packages the better. Mail things that are extra items you can do without. Things like an extra pair of shoes or extra shirts. Keep in mind that while it’s not likely, it’s possible you won’ receive you packages until November or December. Shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase in the store. The prices are somewhat expensive but you can buy them if you need to. For the Winfly folk there is always “Skua”. If you are a winfly person, the skua piles will be overflowing as the winterovers prepare to leave at the end of Sept.

Skua is a recycling catagory. If there is something you don’t want but you think someone else could use it, it goes in the skua bin. What can you find? If you are dilligent and look everyday, you can find most anything you need. That’s because all the new people send down more clothes and things then they will ever use. At the end of the season, they don’t want to carry the stuff to the tropics and it’s not worth the price to mail it, so in the bin it goes. I have gortex boots, Lands End shirts, stereos , guitar etc. Some depts have small amounts of storage space for returning people so I have a few boxes of “good stuff” down there now waiting for me. Keep in mind you never seem to find what you desperately need. Bring all your essentials.
While traveling it’s best to go light. I bring enough indoor clothes for 3 days and that is it. I wear one, pack one in my carry-on in case the luggage gets lost and pack one more in the checked luggage. I’m a bit of a photographer and my carry-on is full of camera stuff. It’s risky to put expensive items in the checked luggage. When on the airplane put your carryon under the seat in front of you rather than the overhead bin. This way you can get to your stuff easy during the long 12 hour flight to NZ
Another thing that is nice on the airplane is to buy a nice set of headphones and an mp3 player. Get the ones that go over your head and completely cover your ears. If you buy a really good pair it will block out a lot of the airplane noise. You can also use them to watch the inflight movies. Bring some earplugs as well. Earplugs and the headphones will pretty much block any crying children sitting near you as you sleep.
I’ll have to make a list of what I bring down and put it here for all of you. Anyway
Congratulations, Will see you down there.