Hi, Chris
Those were the pics, indeed!  That picture in the transport is wild…are those paper bags everyone’s holding in front of them?  Lunch?  or…well, nevermind.  Heh.  The Shackleton pictures seem so sad to me…
With the radio, I think I read a post somewhere that mentioned Armed Forces radio somehow broadcasting a segment from Antarctica.  Do I have that right?
As for me, well,  I applied for Retail Materialsperson, Materialsperson, Coordinator Retail/Recreation Operations, Work Order Scheduler, and Administrative Assistant.  Unfortunately, I missed the Denver job fair so I could only apply to 5 jobs over the net, which is really pretty much a crapshoot.  But I’ll be in Denver in July, and I’m going to see if there’s anyone at Raytheon I can talk to.  My job experience is mostly in Web stuff, front-end.  So, it doesn’t fit quite right with the needs of most of these jobs.  Even the janitor job requires “previous institutional cleaning experience,” LOL!  Of course, if a pharmacist did it last year, perhaps there’s hope.  Honestly, I’d just to go for the experience. Don’t really care what the job is.
Just reading Mike’s descriptions on the other board, there, makes me envious 🙂
BTW, would you give us all an example of a typical “call” for the Fire Dept out there?  I’m curious.
Liz M.