Re: Wintering at McMurdo


Thanks for the information!  I will bring a cheap tripod that I can repair as needed and I will get a digital camera of some sort – I like the external battery pack Idea.
 I will be working as a field engineer on the power/water plant renovations.  I don’t intend on spending much of my time in the bars, so I will definitely need to put some thought into my hobbies.  Right now most of my hobbies revolve around being outside (climbing, mountaineering, hiking, etc.) and I know I will be somewhat limited on that front.  Mike – as far as winter trips are concerned, I want to explore as much as I can, so let me know how I can help. 
For those of us that don’t have a laptop, is there a place on the computer network that we can put personal programs that we would like to use on a regular basis?  Also, are the computers set up to burn pictures onto CDs?