Re: Wintering at McMurdo


They paved the road last summer but by april, frost heaving had lifted huge blocks up to a foot and a half above the road surface so they had to take it all back out. The underground utilities lost it’s heat trace and filled with water and froze so they had to take it back out. They had to hook back up┬áto the old utility system, luckily they were so busy they never had time to take down the old system.
The Ob Hill Tram worked well for a time. It was based on the system the kiwi’s use . Trouble was the rope broke and they had to take the tram back out.
Burger King started out on a good foot but this winter they discovered all the pre-cooked hamburgers, thawed and refroze. With no food they had to take out the burger king.
So other than a few new buildings the place ought to look about the same.
Yours tongue in cheekly