Re: wintering over at McMurdo


Hi pd. Well congrats on passing everything. The wisdom teeth should just be a matter of getting it done. As to where to stay in Cheech, There are lot’s of nice little places. Lorie and I usually stay at the Windsor while coming and going. It’s a little more expensive, but they are nice people and take care of the Antarctic Crowd. The ymca is where we go when we have gotten off the ice and are staying in Cheech for a few weeks. They are less expensive and much nicer than staying in a hostel.
The rooms are clean and there are lots of toilets and showers on each floor so you shouldn’t have to wait. The good thing about the ymca is that it’s on the bus line. The bus out to the Antarctic center and the airport leaves every half hour from a half a block away. It’s also right next to the Arts Center, where you will end up if you are there on a weekend. It’s also next to the botanical gardens and walking distance to the Christchurch Museum.
That’s my choices. Windsor first then the YMCA. But all of them are nice.
You’ll want to make a stop at Baileys bar and grill on the square, it’s the patron bar of the antarctic program.
If you are lucky there will be storms going on down here. When that happens the flights back up and you’ll get extra time in Cheech. The bad side is you get up each morning at 4am go the Antactic Center just to find out that the flight is canceled. At least you get another full day to play.