Re: wintering over at McMurdo


If you look through the posts from the past you’ll see a number of references to passing the pq exam. It’s the reason I tell everyone to get the exam done as soon as you get it. It is very common for them to flag items and ask for a retest. One of my bosses used to comment that if you work in the Antarctic Program your family is going to think that you are dying, because they flag every little thing. The things you will flunk on are typically things that vary a lot depending on your lifestyle and diet. I’ve flunked enough times to not be worried about anything they find. My first flunk was a chest x-ray. They made me retake it several times over a period of time to determine that there was no problem. The next year it was creatinine levels. First test -one point over the limit, second test right where it should be. The next year it was low calcium by 2 points. I ate cheese and retook the test, It was normal. That’s the way it goes, you just have to make sure that you have enough time for the retests.
Dental is the same, They are pretty strict on dental and it’s not uncommon to have them come back and say they want teeth removed or a deep cleaning.
Keep me informed on what happens. I’ll bet if he drinks a lot of water and is hydrated (ask your doctor), he’ll pass with flying colors on the retest.