Re: Winterover?


What the hey Jim,  somebody wants to be fed more than 3 times a week? Maybe I’ll throw my weight and see if  we can get fed 3 times a day by the time you get here. By the way any word on a contract?
Casey if you sign a year contract, you should qualify for an extra 1000 dollar bonus. Not a bad incentive. And a big chunk to loose if you backout. But then if you don’t sign in advance you don’t get it anyway. There is usually a waiting list of supply folk wanting to stay the winter. You are lucky to get an early invite.
As to whether you sign or not, I still say you probably already know if the time away from home is going to be too hard on you. If you are thinking it might be a problem then it could well be. If you think you would do fine, but are cautious because of what others say, then you will enjoy the winter.
Your summer supervisor has a saying about Antarctica. If you can go to a movie alone or eat out alone and be happy about it, then you will do fine down here. My gut reaction to your accounts of traveling around and making your own enjoyment at the job fair leads me to think that you will fit in fine down here.
I’ll be here this summer, so I can fill you in a little more with the winter activities.