Re: Winterover?

Baghdad Jim

Mike..nope–no contract sent my way yet.  I took your POC advise and emailed one of the HR, she forwarded my resume to the hiring Mgr and I got sent a second, and different,  HireRight email.
filled it out–currently listed as “in review”–this time it’s one of the billeting positions.  The materials position …never heard back, I just noticed a ‘not in consideration…’ one day.
kinda late in the season so I’m not  expecting anything.  Evacuate on the drop of a dime, I can do.  Change jobs at the last minute because a Primary fell thru…i dunno.  Honestly, considering I’ve got a good bead on the pay there…if I got told today that I was a primary for Aug–I’d start shipping stuff home within a few days and prepping for a nice 13 month 4 week and another 13.
it topped 122 here yesterday. I saw McM listed as -6F this morning–that true?  that warm?