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velvet..what a Cool goal…i wish you the best..a new lady at my work told us about her episode of being on ‘judge judy..’  she is really as she appears…lol    

your aunt judy

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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 10:52:45 -0700

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hi Atlas
yeah, that is something to consider…the bonus thing.  seems like alot of the time in supply you get a “last chance to bail” without having your bonus affected.  they really don’t want people to stay down here that hate it so there’s usually an “out” offered. 
the Glamour thing didn’t make me quite as famous as i had hoped but maybe once i get back to the states, people will start asking me for my autograph 🙂
and my newest idea to keep me entertained is to try and get on survivor–any ideas for my video?  i’m thinking of using the plunge.
Matt M won the Condition 1 pool, that was the last week.
nice to hear from you!

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