Re: Winterovers: Get ALL your ECW


For all you fingee summer folks. One thing you might want to do at the clothing issue is ask for the windbreaker. It will get warm enough in summer to wear that and a fleece. It’s not something they automatically give out. When you get to the CDC all the available clothing is on a wall display. It is the lightweight red Columbia Sportwear jacket.
I also like to get the field trousers. They have a fine weave and block the wind.
If you are wintering, you want the blue FDX boots like Brien has in the photo. They are more way more comfortable to work in than the white bunny boots. They have a lug sole, but are heavy and hard to hike in. They have no support and your feet slide into the toe of the shoe each time you step downhill. The bunny boots arent’ much better for hiking and the hard rubber can rub the skin on your legs raw if you don’t have on heavy socks.
If you work outdoors, the thinsulate gloves aren’t that good. Get the heavy black ones and put handwarmers in them.
Make sure everything fits and make sure the zippers on everything work.They don’t have time in the CDC to check them all.