Re: Winterovers: Get ALL your ECW


They should give you most anything you ask for, you just need to know what to ask for 🙂 And it has to fit within your weight limit of course…

When I showed up the Carhartts weren’t in my bags, maybe they figured I wouldn’t have to go outside or something. Anyway, I got that corrected.

[Historical note, Carhartt stuff was being issued to Palmerites in the late 80s, long before it showed up in CDC]

What I’d forgotten from my first winter was that Polie w/o’s need to stash a set of gear in an emergency bag that is stored away from the station….anyway, that is why they give winterovers 2 parkas. That won’t affect you of course, but winterovers should take notice. The old manual (which I found after I got to Pole) had complete lists of the summer and winter clothing issue for all stations, but the current one only talks about summer McMurdo clothing issue.

I brought my own insulated leather boots which were OK for spring/fall outdoor temperatures. And they fit me. I wear size 15, and despite my pleas beforehand, I guess they don’t have any FDX boots that large in CDC. What I got was OK just barely, if I had to do a lot of heavy outside work my feet would not have survived.