Re: Wisdom Teeth?


[font=Garamond, Times, Serif:lmkbamqu]Well, I think they should have required you to have your “wizzies” out.  Just kidding!!!  [/font:lmkbamqu]
[font=Garamond:lmkbamqu]How are things going for you??? I talked with Dr. Shemenski today, they have a dentist going down for Winfly only.[/font:lmkbamqu]
[font=Garamond:lmkbamqu]They are still looking for someone for main body.  Could be right up your alley.  [/font:lmkbamqu][font=Garamond:lmkbamqu]  Take care, Rocky…Susan [/font:lmkbamqu]