Re: Working in Antarctica


Haven’t posted here before, but have just been reading though this entertaining thread and thought I’d drop a line.
Prairie Dog,  just wanted to say good luck to you on the psych tests and EKG results, I’m sure you’ll do fine. And, I wanted to say that I’m highly jealous of the adventure your about to have down south (and that I’m green with envy just knowing that some of the members of this site are in Antactica). I hope you cherish it all!
I just don’t have any useful skills to warrant me being sent to Antarctica, except for being able to drink a lot and act like a fool, and I’m sure that wouldn’t help much down there. (Except maybe to entertain anyone watching me)
Anyway……I’m just babbling now.
Cheers, and have fun doing something not many of us get a chance to do.