Re: Working in Antarctica


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You haven’t mention taking the dental yet. That exam can be a killer. If there is one thing hard to deal with at the south pole it’s a tooth ache. The winterover doctor at McMurdo last year got a couple of weeks of dental training, but still laughed that they should have hired a dentist and give him a couple of weeks of medical training.
 In the last couple of years the dental PQ process has become pretty tough to pass on the first try. The each of my first 2 years I flunked and had to have a deep cleaning done before they would pass me. The third year the said one tooth was too loose and had to come out before they would allow me to winter. This year everything was great.
Dental is a long process because after the exam with your dentist, the results get sent to Denver where another program dentist reviews the x-rays and decides if you need more treatment.
IF you haven’t done the dental yet get going.
I was telling Lorie at breakfast this morning about your earth home and she said she would love to learn about it. She reinforced my belief that any seminars you would put on about your home would be well attended here.
[font=Arial Black, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif:v84ftexj]Cold Feet[/font:v84ftexj]. Good to hear from you again. You must be warming up finally. This has been a weird winter here so far. We hit  an all time record of May last week. 27.1 degrees F. In May of all things. The storms that have accompanied the warmer weather have been horrendous. Most years there are one or two condition one storms in a whole season. We’ve had 5 already this year. The NSF manager who has been coming down for many years says he has never seen weather like this before. 
Read the thread above to find out about the bears.
mike in mcmurdo