Re: Working in Antarctica


Thanks for the good thoughts….. I’m looking forward to my time in Antarctica with a mixture of mostly excitement and a little dread .
I understand that there are jobs of every description on the ice especially at Mcmurdo.
A fair amount of drinking seems to go on at Mcmurdo and Pole but it is discouraged by Raytheon .
The day I applied for this job, I quit drinking and started an exercise/diet program.
After seven weeks I feel so good I may not go back to my old less healthy ways.
I’m starting a intensive program of yoga to try to physically and mentally prepare myself in order to not just survive the experience but to get the most benefit from it.
I’d hate to go down there and just work and sleep.
Working outside all summer at Pole will be a challenge but I hope that my preparations pay off and that I will have the energy to participate in the community and enjoy my stay.
Prairie Dog.