Re: Working in Antarctica


Hey Mike and Lorie,[/font:8iwh4o73]
And everyone else on the list.. I have been reading all the good things about some of the folks on the list who are trying to or might be going to the ice this next season..[/font:8iwh4o73]
I have 2 seasons under my belt, as a Firefighter at McMurdo. Mike and I have both had some time on the ice as Ham Radio operators.. [/font:8iwh4o73]
I miss the ice and don’t know if I will be back the next season, in the 12 months I have spent there I must say it has changed my life, it gives you something to think about… [/font:8iwh4o73]
I have been interviewed for job as Director of Public Safety Training for the local community college. so I don’t know where this will lead…[/font:8iwh4o73]
Mike are you on HF at all??[/font:8iwh4o73]
Chris Post[/font:8iwh4o73]
Antarctic Fire Department 01-02  02-03[/font:8iwh4o73]
Chris Post
Lehigh County Emergency Management
     Allentown, PA
United States Antarctic Program
     McMurdo Station Antarctica