Re: Working in Antarctica


Hey Chris
I was wondering what happened to you . I had my 50th birthday party here the other night. It was pretty nice. Lorie got everyone to send photo’s of me from throughout the years. Most were from my family but several from friends. I have to find some time to write everyone and thank them. Winter is progressing. It’s been dark for about a month now. Morale is still pretty good although they are enforcing some of the rules a little more than normal and it’s having an effect. It’s still too early in the winter to guess where it will lead to. We’ve been deluged with storms this year. We’ve had something like 5 condition one storms already this year. Max winds at the sat station on the hill have peaked around 105 mph. The roofs of the heavy shop and 155 began to rip off but they were able to get patches on and fix them. Hurry for the UT’s. I’m running trips again this year but not as much without¬† Clark. That’s another rules thing. Paperwork for the trips. We are becoming corporatized.
HF radio is getting pretty dead with the darkness. It’s hit or miss some days good most days the radio is dead. I’m going to be trying to reach my Dad’s retirement home at 11pm your time on your Saturday nights so listen in. The frequency is still 14243.
Keep in touch and let us know how the job search is going. Lorie and I are taking off a year after this winter. I think we’ll be driving from Baltimore to¬† California via the southern route sometime after Christmas. Maybe we”ll get up your way to visit.