Re: Working in Antarctica


 I always enjoy it when I get to talk to the OAE’s. Things obviously have changed a lot since you were here. They pretty much dismantled all the operations on OB Hill. The water plant building is still there but it is only used for storage now. The living quarters are gone. I did a search looking for photo’s of the ob hill station. The bottom long link gets you to south pole dot com. The view from OB hill looking down shows 3 buildings in the early 80’s. Today the left hand building and the right hand building closest to OB hill are still there. The far building on the right was torn down a few years ago. I’m not sure which building was used for what when you were here. [/font:fb5lpl5j]
All the water is now made in the new water plant. They got rid of the flash evaporators around 1997 and replaced them with Reverse Osmosis units that can filter the salt out of sea water. I’ve been meaning to get some photo’s of the water plant on the web page for a couple of years now. Maybe this is the motivation I need. [/font:fb5lpl5j]
I don’t know of any winterover planks with names. I think the admin building is still in use. Is it the building next to the VMF (heavy shop)?. [/font:fb5lpl5j]
Each of the new upper case dorms have a sauna. I don’t think there is one in the firehouse.Each winter the UT’s find a spot to set up a hot tub just for the winter. This year they have it in  a fish hut next to the firehouse with the hot tub inside. Last year it was in the hospital, but it left a white stain on the floor and it was decided not to allow it there again. In previous years it has also been down at the power plant, but for safety purposes isn’t allowed there anymore.[/font:fb5lpl5j]
The webcam is pretty much useless at this time of year. As you can see for yourself it is dark 24 hours a day here now. I think it’s blurry because nothing lights up enough for the camera to focus on. Once the sun comes up you will be able to look around fine. In fact if you navigate to the left you get great views of Ob hill. You can even zoom in on the cross on the top of the hill. [/font:fb5lpl5j]
below is the link to the photo’s I found. [/font:fb5lpl5j]
Mike in McMurdo[/font:fb5lpl5j]
I use to be stationed there (1986-1987) while I was in the Navy.  I worked at the OB Hill Water Plant,  the (then new) downtown Water Plant, & for a while in the Galley building’s boiler room.[/font:fb5lpl5j]
  Is the now old admin building still there, if so I also wonder if the the Winter Over Planks are still displayed on the wall?  They had the names of those who wintered over.[/font:fb5lpl5j]
  I wish while I was there I had taken more detailed photos of where I worked and lived.[/font:fb5lpl5j]
  I have my cruise books for the summer support phase (1986-87) and the winter over phase (1987).[/font:fb5lpl5j]
  Are they still using the OB Hill Plant?  Is the Hot Tub still in use at the OB Hill Living quarters?  Is the Sauna still in use at the Fire House?  [/font:fb5lpl5j]
   By the way the last time I looked at your webcam the view of the town was blury, but the bottom of the container edge was almost in focus.[/font:fb5lpl5j]