Re: Working in Antarctica


Prairie Dog
I knew it. Dental gets you everytime. You can see why I say get it done early. Those that wait until the end of the summer don’t have time to get the work done. In the end you will appreciate not having dental problems. Every year, even with the strict exams and work, there are still people who get toothaches. With no Dentist it can be sheer misery. When you see the others with problems you’ll be happy you won’t be hurting.
There is a chance I may be staying until the end of October, so when you hit Mactown. Look me up and I’ll give you hints on how to use the computer system to find the parts you need. I helped out last years electric foreman. I think it helped him in his job. On that note, Hunter, are you still checking this site. I’d like to know where you ended up.