Re: Working in Antarctica


Chris. So there is a Sauna in the firehouse. You learn something new every year. Chris was a fireman and is the resident expert on the subject. I also never heard of the 200 club and the run to the bust. It’s located on the back deck of the Chalet and while not far would be a formidable run. I don’t know the temps of a sauna. I would guess 130 or 140. That would mean outside ambients of 50 to 60 below. Brr that would be a long run without clothes on. Chris I know you aren’t a winterover but have you ever heard of this club?
Zondra- Congratulations on getting hired. All I can tell you about the PQ process is to get everything done as fast as possible. I believe Raytheon will pay for the initial exams (you pay up front and then they reinburse). If you fail the exam and you need extra work to make you pass you will probably have to pay yourself. I’m not positive but I believe that is the case.
If you are in good health then you will more than likely pass the medical. Things that could flag you are high cholestral or high blood pressure. Often time you can be put on medication and pass with no problem.
As you can see with prairie dog, they are pretty strict with the dental. Mostly they flag things that are a concern and make you get them corrected. Twice I needed a deep cleaning and once I had to have a tooth removed. If you get the work done you will more than likely pass as long as there is enough time to process everything. If you wait until august to get the work done then you may find yourself in the position of not being PQ’d before it is time for you to deploy.
The process can go fast and take a month or so as prairied dog is experiencing or it may be several months from start to finish. Keep your recruiter informed and we’ll cross our fingers for you.
Are you being hired for McMurdo? If so what position and when will you arrive.