Re: Working in Antarctica


Zondra, A GA huh. If you are one of Sally’s GA’s (the GA pool) then you have potentially one of the best jobs in Antarctica. Unfortunately it’s one of the lowest paying jobs, but you got to take the good with the bad. The bad side is you’ll have the most menial jobs around. The ones nobody else wants. The good side is you will possibly have opportunities to fly all over Antarctica doing the menial jobs. Not all GA’s get out and it doesn’t happen every year, but your chances of having a rewarding experience are high. You’ll probably also be working with a great bunch of young college age people. The most highly educated people here are GA’s.
They also have work center GA’s. They aren’t as glamorous but you will learn a ton about the trade you are in. This winter we have a GA who has been assigned to the electricians. He’s learned tons about wiring. Enough to be thinking of going to a trade school.
Time to go to the galley for dinner I’ll answer more later.