Re: Working in Antarctica


I have another few minutes before going to the galley for dinner. I thought I’d add to my other message. What I really need to do is get Lorie to write a note. I’m assuming Zondra is a girls name. Correct me if I’m wrong. Lorie mentioned to bring sarongs and nice clothing. You will be given enough work clothing to keep you warm. Mostly carhart coveralls and jackets. They are pretty rugged and once the temps get above zero (which will happen pretty fast after you get here) they will be plenty warm enough. Mail everything early but expect that some or all of it may not get here until december. Most will arrive by November but there is always the odd package that gets delayed. Small priority mail envelopes get here the fastest. You can’t put much in them but we always send down a few changes of clothing to be on the safe side. You will find that since 911 traveling with a lot of bags is a hassel. The more you have the more gets searched. This year we came with one backpack, a laptop, and a carry on each. That was too much to travel with. I’d like to get down to the laptop and a carry on with one change of clothing. Maybe next time.
There are lots of social events in the summer. Bring a halloween costume. It’s a must. For Christmas and Thanksgiving there are big holiday meals in the galley. You will enjoy having some really nice clothes to wear. Some even send down tux’s.
If you are lucky, plan to have a couple of days in Christchurch NZ to play around. It’s one of the more beautiful cities in the world to hang out in. The airplanes can only fly south if the weather is good and it’s not uncommon to be backed up a few days before coming down. You’ll be asked for where you want to stay if you need suggestions let me know what kind of atmosphere you like in a place. I like the YMCA. It’s nice and inexpensive. There are a number of others that are really nice too. Enough rambling let me know if you have any more questions.
same to you too prairie dog.
You mentioned the music scene. There seem to be more musicians here than anywhere I’ve ever seen in one place. There are lot’s of instruments in gear issue but if there are a lot of people vying for them you will be better off sending down your own.