Re: Working in Antarctica



Thanks for all the good info. I’m quite excited for the GA possition – It sounds like it’s just what I’m looking for. I [phone] interviewed and will be working with Barb Propst. She seems real nice and we got along well on the phone.

Someone else recomended staying at the YMCA, so I filled that out as my first choice of places to stay. I’m glad there are all you nice people out there to help get us first timers set on the right track. I’m still thinking of what to pack. I plan on spending the summer building an elaborate, yet lightweight Halloween costume – that’s my favorite holiday wherever I’m at. I hear that you get to pack 70 lbs, but about 30 of that is taken up by the ECW gear….. so, should I plan on about 40lbs of stuff? How much stuff can I leave in New Zealand? I plan to do some backpacking there on my way back, and I won’t need all my gear with me on the Ice…. Any other advice on what to pack would be nice.

I have my Dental apt tomorow, and my Dr. apt the day after that. I hope all goes well, and I PQ nice and smoothly. Cross your fingers that I don’t have to get my wisdom teeth out, or any other painful- PQ-delayer…..

Thanks again for the advice – all advice is welcome…