Re: Working in Antarctica


Zondra, Packing can be a real puzzle. All of us OAE’s (Old Antarctic Explorers) have the ECW gear (extreme cold weather) process down flat. Most of us don’t take everything offered. A lot also depends on whether you are staying on for the winter.
I would suggest that you find an old timer when you get to the  CDC (clothing distribution center) and get some advice on what to get. There are a number of items that they don’t offer up front but are available on request. Lorie and I always get a couple of pair of cargo pants and a belt each. If possible you will probably like the lightweight red jacket. Most of us normally wouldn’t take all the parka’s offered. The big red ones are pretty hot for the middle of summer but look nice if you get any photo’s taken. The only question is which GA job you’ll have. They issue Carhart heavy parkas that don’t rip as easy as the red ones. They are very durable and will keep you warm during the summer months, but you’ll always look like you are at work.
So you’ll be working with Barb. Around here from year to year everyone switches jobs so I don’t know what area you’ll be working in. Have you had some kind of wilderness experience or training along the way? Are you in the general GA pool or a specific center. Maybe the BFC?  BFC would be great.
time for work. got to go
more later