Re: Working in Antarctica


Zondra, I did some checking.  It looks like Barb has the regular GA pool which means you should be in for an interesting season. Go to the gym and get your arms in shape you’ll be doing a lot of snow shoveling and the job entails a lot of hard work.  I think I said before that I don’t think I’ve ever met a GA that didn’t love the job in spite of the low pay and menial tasks. Chances are you are going to see things I’ll never have the opportunity to see.
What a great opportunity for you. I think that is probably the most applied for job here  and you made the cut.
As for packing send down as much as you can by mail . Most of it should get to you by the end of october or beginning of November. Although in stormy years when flights get delayed it’s not uncommon to still have mail coming in at christmas. You can leave as much stuff as you want at Christchurch. Don’t carry anything to the ice that you won’t be using. New Zealand is just about the prettiest country you could imagine and you will want to spend a lot of time there when you leave. Hey you get a free air ticket home so why not enjoy it. But leave your gear there.
Coming here will be a lot like living in a college dorm. You’ll have a roommate or two and you’ll have to decide how to decorate. Read the program manual about prohibited items and send down anything else that would make life fun. If you do nothing else get a digital camera. If you get a helecopter trip somewhere you’ll want to send the photo’s home.
I’ll see if I can’t find other people to write about their take on how to pack.