Re: Working in Antarctica


I didn’t realize that GA was the most applied for job. I’m glad I made the cut…. I spent all winter working on my resume and cover letters and application – and took the time off work to go to the job fair… I’m really glad it paid off. Now I just need to pass my physical. I’m mostly worried about the dental…. My dentist said he’d hold onto my paperwork until he was done with all the work, and then send it in. Is that the right thing to do? He’s going to fill 5 cavities and take my wisdom teeth out – It’s gonna take until the end of July. Should I just have him send in the papers and have Raytheon say that I need those things done, and still do them as scheduled – or should I do what the dentist wants, and send it all in at the end? All that paperwork is so confusing. The people at the clinic all groaned when I walked in – they hate doing polar physicals – but I think it went well…. it’s just that darn dental!!

I deffinetly will bring a digital camera, if not two. I’m a camera addict… I’ve worked as a professional photographer for 11 years now, and have a degree in photography (specializing in digital). My concern is that I want to bring my own computer for processing. I take about 20 pictures on a normal day – who’s to know what I’ll be taking once I’m down there. I don’t want to have to figure out storage and manipulation on the computers there. And my laptop also serves as music box (CD player – but I don’t need to bring CDs), alarm clock, and everything else. Though, I’m mostly bringing it as a dark room for my photography. Do laptops make it down there easily? I was reading somewhere that it might be tough to get it past customs, and I might have to pay a tax and stuff. And I’m a bit worried about the cargo ride from Christchurch to McM…. Should I be concerned? People say not to take the ole computer, but I’ve got to take my traveling dark room! What to bring, oh what to bring. I’m sure I’ll get it figured out. I think I’ll just use the instruments they have there, at least for this first year.

Thanks for the “getting my snow shoveling muscles in shape” advice… I never really thought about doing that AHEAD of time… I’d probably be happier if I did. Any other advice is very welcome.

Can’t wait to go to McMurdo!