Re: Working in Antarctica


We were talking about your situation at work this morning and the consensus is waiting until the end of July is pushing it. Try getting in touch with you recruter and let them know the situation. I’m thinking there are a couple of things I would do. I’d be on standby at my dentist everyday to get the cavities filled ASAP. Same with the wisdom teeth. There are always people who drop out of their apts and most dentist will slot you in if someone cancels. I didn’t have time for an eye exam for new glasses last year and the eye doctor said there were no openings for  weeks. I asked if I could just sit in his office a couple of days and take the first persons slot who didn’t show up. I brought a book and planned on reading and relaxing while I waited They got me in the first day. I only read a couple of chapters. I don’t think anything has ever been more than two weeks for me.
I’m tempted to say mail in the dental and let them tell you what needs to be done, but let your recruiter help you make the decision.
more on the laptops later