Re: Working in Antarctica


Hi Bill:

Name here is Chuck Kimball. I'm currently the Comms Lead at Palmer
station. I spent 4 seasons
as a Comms Tech Sr. at McMurdo, first season in the Comm Shop working
for Bill Nesbit, and the
last 3 in the Field Party Shop. Also spent quite a bit of time in the
deep field, and even got to fill in
at the south pole for 8 days.

Where are you working??

As far as cameras, if you are working in McMurdo, you'll spend some time
in the valleys, and up
high, the thing I've found I really needed was a good optical zoom. My
3x camera is OK, but
more zoom would be better for some of the mountain top views.
Batteries are always an issue,
I like my camera since it uses AAs and I can always get extras and carry
them with me, but many
of the newer cameras are a dedicated battery that you have to recharge
which can present a
problem. My camera is a 4 year old model, (an Olympus D-450) so that
wouldn't be a good
recommendation. Bring lots of memory for the camera. I got caught on
a really busy day taking
lots of photos and thought having 150 pictures worth of Memory was good
enough, until the flight
back to town with only 8 left and spotting whales along the ice edge and
running out of memory –

Any ways a couple of thoughts to consider. Let me know if you've got
any questions. I'll be here
at Palmer until late October.