Re: Working in Antarctica


My long suffering wife has to stay and mind our earthship, llamas, goats and four great danes.
At least she doesn’t have to worry about intruders with 700 lbs of dog to protect her.
Of course we have bears, rattlesnakes and mountain lions.
The bears and the dogs have an agreement, the bears don’t come right up to the house and the dogs don’t try to chase the bears.
We had a bear a year or two ago who was 100 feet from the house crossing the meadow. I was outside with one dog watching the bear and two of our dogs were in a fenced in area behind the house. They were jumping at the gate and barking like they were going to tear that bear apart. To their surprise the gate opened. They stopped barking and looked at the gate in shock.
Then they ran over to me and we all watched the bear stroll across the meadow
He stopped for a moment and looked at us contemptuously (I thought) and then strolled away.
I love our wildlife here but they can cause problems for domestic pets and livestock. Well ok we cause the problems by moving onto their land…..
Luckily We have some great neighbors who are there for us when we need them (and vice versa). My wife will have help and she is very self sufficient.
I am looking forward to the ice and grateful to get this rare opportunity to go to such an awesome place.
I hope you are also able to follow your dreams wherever they may take you.
Growing up I would not have imagined the experiences I have already had or the ones that lie ahead.
Life is good
Best wishes,
Last of the Prairie Dog men