Re: Year Contracts And Psychological Winter Exams


Jeff, Atlas pretty much covered the basics. As he said, with over a thousand people there in the summer months, there are a lot of IT people. In the winter it drops back basically to a hardware person, a system person, a number of telco and cable people and a supervisor. Not much room left for anyone else. Best to get your feet wet in the summer and network your way around after you know the ropes.
As far as the psych eval goes. Mostly they are looking at peoples ability to survive the winter. Because of a few alcohol related incidents over the years, there is also a good look at how you handle stress and whether you drink your problems away. Be prepared for a background check that looks at your records for any indication of a drinking problem. IE. DWI. Bar fights etc. Once down here for the winter you will appreciate not having to deal with drunken violence.
It sounds bad, but there are actually very few people who don’t pass the test.