Re: Year Contracts And Psychological Winter Exams


Thanks for the replies Atlas and Mike!

I have applied for the job of “Systems Administrator.” That’s the job that I’m best qualified for. Although, I have no practical Mac experience, I hope that won’t be held against me.

I have a lot of technical ability, but no work is ever beneath me so I think I would take the challenge of Antarctica quite well.

From now until the job fair, can anybody suggest where I should concentrate obtaining expertise that would help me get a year’s contract on the ice?

Currently, I’m in Los Angeles working a steady job. Faced with the fact that I can’t afford a condo even in the ghetto with a mere $50,000 a year salary here I’d honestly like to get out of here; but I wouldn’t want to leave for just a four month contract.

With everything that has been said in this discussion thread, I’m not worried about passing the physical or psych evaluation.