Re: You Lucky People!


Job length varies by the season. For the most part we have 3 seasons. Winfly is a six week period that precedes Mainbody or summer. It’s an early contingent of key workers who add to the winter crew to get the base set up for the crowds that decend for the summer season. The winfly crews open the dorms, get the runways open, and generally help finish any lingering projects from the winter. Winfly begins in Mid August when the sun first comes over the horizon and planes can land. Very few people would come down just for winfly. You would normally come in and continue to work through the summer. It’s a beautiful time in McM and if you get a chance to come you should take it. The population is usually around 400 or so.
The summer season is called Mainbody. The sun is up 24 hours a day and McM’s population can grow to over 1000 at any one time. It’s the time when most people get jobs. You must have a roomate. It’s also the time when most of the science is going on, so if you want to learn about the studies going on here, mainbody is the time to do it.The season starts the first week of October more or less and continues until the end of Feb, when the annual supply ships come in. If your job doesn’t require you to be a part of the offload of the ships then you could leave in early Feb. Most stay to at least Mid Feb.
Winter folks come in anywhere from Mid Jan to the end of Feb. The last plane leaves in Feb and there won’t be another until Winfly in August. The population drops to around 200. More in construction years. By May there is 24 hour darkness and temps that normally hover around 20 to 30 below zero, but can get as cold as -60 or more.
The length of your job will be some varient of the above. If you come for Mainbody you will work October to Feb. If you come at Winfly. You would work August to Feb. A winter contract would be Feb to August. A winter winfly contract would be Feb to October. The longest  normal contract would be 14 months. Winfly summer winter Winfly.