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    Hey Mike,
    I figured your email address was somewhere on this site, but I have not tripped upon it yet. So I figured I could get you here oneday. How is Atui Island? As nice as the ice? haha
    Things have gone from good to interesting here. Chris had to leave us around three weeks ago because of a family issue. We lost our beloved leader! It is a shame, things were really starting to pick up around here and we were just getting over the rough transition from winter crew to summer crew. The new Senior here is now Andrew Steel, I know you only met him for a day. He has longer blond hair and a British accent. He isn’t Chris, but he is willing to try. I am still on nights, and I love it. It is definitly weird with out an experienced crew on days, but they swear they know how to handle everything. I figure with Jim and Buzz in the shop they won’t go too wrong. They  are all really hard workers too, and they care about the shop. That is what is most important.
    I was able to go on a snow mobiling trip out to Cape Royd’s with Dave Petzel’s group a few weeks ago to go fishing and Penguin watching. That was exciting.
    I think of you often here in the shop. I hope your vacation is wonder. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Ryan.Mesch @usap.gov


    Hey Ryan,
    Oh My, what changes. I can imagine that you being on nights is the best thing right now. I’m sure the day crew will catch on but they wern’t at your level when I left. Too bad about Chris. Will he be coming back for the winter?.
    Lorie and I have spent a week at Rarotonga, and are currently on Aitutaki island. It’s muggy and hot, but the crystal blue lagoon is full of fish to watch while we snorkle. We leave on tuesday for Atiu.
    Ah the side benefits of the Antarctic Program.
    I’m going to make you an assistant manager of this site, Any chance I could get you to help delete the obscene messages that are getting posted. Once I up your status there will be a button to delete messages.
    Hope y ou get to days pretty quick.


    Muggy and hot. Sounds horrible!
    It was good hearing from you. I will difinitely help you out this the messages.
    Have a great vacation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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