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    Hey ya’ll,

    I’ve been researching jobs in Antarctica for about two months now, and I am so thankful for all the information on this forum. It has helped me a lot, especially because many of the links on other websites still direct me to the Raytheon website.
    I am, however, having a hard time finding information on when jobs will be posted for the 2013-2014 season. I will be graduating university in May with a BS in biology (emphasis in marine science), and although I would love to find a job dealing with the scientific aspect of the USAP, I also have years of experience in the food industry (prep cook, server, with experience dealing with a wide variety of dishes) as well as customer service, aquarium/marine lab management, and volunteer work dealing with summarizing articles for a scientific group.
    I understand that it may be hard for a recent graduate to find a job, especially with the contract switch and assumed budget cuts, but any recent links or news would be greatly appreciated. I have a resume ready to go for Gana A’Yoo, although I am confused on when the best time to submit my resume would be (don’t want to submit too early and get lost in the mess). I’m also curious as to when you think Lockheed Martin will post jobs.. this is where I imagine the general assistant jobs would be posted? I may also take a shot at messaging a few principle investigators working on marine biological projects, although I imagine this being somewhat of a stretch..
    You guys are awesome. The info here is great, although the new contract is messing with my head a little. If anyone has suggestions, you’d be my hero!


    Hi reyshells, welcome to the board.

    I split your question off from the “USAP Employment” topic because other people will probably be asking the same thing: best to give it its own thread.

    I don’t think there’s a definite date when hiring will begin for 2013-14, especially since the various contractors will all have their own schedules. That said, I’d start looking for job postings in February, with the bulk of the jobs posted in March thru May for austral summer positions. Many of the hiring managers are on the Ice until late Feb, and too busy to hire people until later in the year even if the company is accepting applications.

    Your experience should allow you to apply to a variety of positions. Be sure to apply to what you really want to do, even if you don’t think you’re qualified. And tailor your resume for each position. FYI, I don’t think there’s General Assistant positions any more.

    Regarding contacting PIs for a position, it takes some real moxie to score one of those positions but it *does* happen now and then. Don’t expect to be paid much, if anything, but you would get to see some amazing parts of the continent.

    Good luck!


    Available for the upcoming McMurdo winter (hint: apply NOW) — Winter Laboratory Assistant-Antarctica, McMurdo Station


    Thanks so much for the input! I looked at the Lab Assistant job, but since it would be starting in February (while I am still enrolled at the university), I wouldn’t be able to apply. Still, it gives me a great idea of what they’re looking for. I’ll be making quite a few different resumes, but something like the lab assistant job would be wonderful. I’ll be checking back more in a few weeks. Thanks again. 😀


    Wish I could signup for that one. Perhaps I’ll have to see if I can find a way to get an online BS for these lab spots. My BA is just a big red X.


    When I searched on PAE’s Antarctica jobs page, it gave me about 100 job listings, which can’t be correct. I think they must just be all the POSSIBLE jobs, not necessarily open positions. However, it’s still possible to submit a resume for those jobs…

    Does anyone have experiences with applying through PAE?


    Hi, I have been lurking for the past 4-5 years and decided to contribute finally. A little about me: I’ve never been to The Ice. The furthest I’ve been in the hiring process was being hired as an alternate in 2011 as a janitor with NANA.

    I recently applied for jobs through Gana and PAE as I am qualified for plenty of entry level-type positions. So, after browsing all of the new contractor’s job listings, it looks like many of the positions have been posted. From the comments above, I expect there will be more posted in the coming months.

    Am I right in that with PAE careers site, you post a resume to your profile and apply to everything you are qualified for? The first position I applied for gave me the option of adding a cover letter. When applying to another position, it didn’t give me the cover letter option, instead it automatically submitted what I had uploaded to my profile. Since then, I have tailored my resume in more broader fashion to fit each position. Any recommendations or thoughts?

    For those on The Ice, do you have any insight on how hiring worked this past summer season in terms of hiring newbies? Any insight in what to except for the 2013-2014 Austral Summer? I realize it may be too early to ask and that no one really has a clue how hiring works quite yet. I’m sure you guys are aware of the guy who posted a long blog entry about applying over the years, someone in The Program got wind of it and he got a job as a cook at Pole. Crazy! And awesome!

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