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    Well, two of them actually. The IceCube project just posted their announcement for the 2014 Pole winterover positions. Not exactly a boring job… http://icecube.wisc.edu/jobs/show/winterover


    Not boring but a lot of requirements though! MS in high demand high pay fields is required. Someone with a masters in those fields as well as the specific qualifications they are asking for beyond that would likely be taking a pay cut to come for $65k


    I could likely do that job, but might not have all the requirements. If I did, I would be commanding a nice salary well over six figures in the business world.
    My company does the same thing though, they need a basic IT person and the job description looks like a posting on a PHD board.
    Perhaps I’ll throw my name in the hat and see what happens.
    Thanks for the heads up on the posting!


    Pete…I’m certainly not qualified, and I’m not really qualified to understand all of the qualifications 🙂 but it IS a neat job that is really out there.

    The current (and previous) winterovers have been prolific posters of photos and news on Facebook and elsewhere, check out their blogs! http://www.southpolestation.com/links.html

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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