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    Well this just in from the McMurdo Weather Office, the low for yesterday
    reached -102F, a new low for me by only 1 degree..As i understand it, the
    temp back home in Bethlehem, PA was +74F, this gets me a 176 degree
    difference!! Crazy huh?

    We also found out today that our mail that was to be delivered last week
    will now be delivered on or around the 1st week of October, because the
    weather has been so bad the flight schedule has been shredded and thrown out
    the window, they cant plan on decent weather because there is none here….
    and once again the weather wins…

    Here in Antarctica the weather goes from 0 to crappy in 30 minutes!!
    I have been trying to get a good picture of one of our famous HERBIES or
    hurricane blizzards, but it seems that its too much for the camera to do, it
    freezes at such a low temp and wont record!! I didn't see this in the owners

    The flight was canceled yet again today, they said its is going to be pushed
    forward 24 hours so they have a chance to get the mountains of show off the
    runway, so the crews worked diligently today to clear them only to be
    greeted by a afternoon blizzard. So some 6 hours later as is write this
    email it still continues to roar like a lion outside and snow, well lets
    just say this is ANTARCTICA, what do you think?….Need some?..

    You guys back east remember what snow is right ??

    Take Care,
    Chris “NO MAIL” Post

    Christopher Post
    United States Antarctic Program
    McMurdo Station Antarctica
    Lehigh County Emergency Management
    Allentown, PA
    E-Mail : n3sig@arrl.net
    Amateur Radio: N3SIG / ZL5CP

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    The storm that Chris wrote about weakened during the early afternoon and then roared back with a vengence last night. Clark (from the Clark and Mike’s Adventures) planned a party at Hut 10 to show his photo’s from the last year. At 630pm Lorie and I left the dorms for the hundred yard walk and almost didn’t make it. The visibility went down to less than 20 yards in blowing snow and we almost missed the building we were aiming at. This was the worst that I had seen this winter and was almost scary. From that point everyone moved around in pairs for safety. We all found Hut ten though and had a great time eating Clarks pizzas and watching his photo’s.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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