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    Interestingly, the guy who was hired instead of me (cf. the “pity me” thread) didn’t work out. The upshot is that i got the job! now the road trip from SF to Denver doesn’t seem as pointless as it did not too long ago.

    Once again, thanks for the lack of pity and excess of support. Based on last year’s experience, I called this week, knowing that things can get shaken up right before everyone leaves. Sure enough, they came through.

    It was almost going to be a dark winter for me here. My roomate randomly (and at the last minute too) got accepted for the 13-month Pole contract he wanted, but thought he would never get.

    So, to all who gave encouraging words and advice, thanks again.


    Congratulations! Somehow it all works out, eh?



    We say it time and time again. That at the last minute people drop out and leave the program scrambling. If you can leave at a moments notice you increase your odds of getting a job here.

    Good luck Drop John. I’m in McM till the 17th of Oct then returning around the 20th of Jan. I’m in 121 electrical supply. Stop by and see me.


    Thanks. I’m actually scheduled to arive on the 17th, but perhaps I’ll look you up in January.

    Been There

    It’s not just contract employees that get a change in plans at the last minute. Looks like I will be on my way to McMurdo some time next week. Was planning on a trip to Palmer this season but it’s not to be.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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