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    Hello all. It’s good to find this forum. I’ve been applying for jobs through Raytheon Polar Services for a few years, and have finally received some interest in my resume. I filled out the initial HireRight form for a research associate position, and was curious if anyone could tell me how long I might expect to wait to hear something more…or even what my chances of actually landing a position are. I’m an environmental chemist with a specialty in atmospheric science/air quality.

    Thanks in advance for any reply. And congrats to all who have gotten their contracts already!



    Hi Chis,

    Welcome to the board! If you’ve already received some interest in your resume then you’re on track. Keep in touch with them to let them know you’re still interested. If they’re really interested in you then they’ll probably call you up for a phone interview. The hiring process can be sluggish, so don’t panic if they don’t call you right away. But once you receive an offer letter things will start moving quickly.

    This is a good place to post any general questions about working on the Ice, you’ll get lots of ideas. If you have some job-specific questions that they can’t (or wouldn’t) answer, or something that you were afraid to ask, you can email me (sciencetech at yahoo daht com). I’ve been an RA at all three stations so I might be able to answer your questions…



    Hey Chris,

    Must be the right time of the year because I’m just getting replys to the job I applied for at the end of March. I had pretty much written it off as nothing was going to happen this year, but I guess there is still a chance. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me too much after reading some of the posts here, and also the fact that it took them until May to tell me I was not in consideration for a job I was obviously not qualified for.

    I guess we both will have to wait and see how long it does take to get the next step going, but you know what it is what it is.

    Have fun, and you are not alone,



    Hi there – – I’ve been lurking around this board for a couple months and it’s good to see that there might still be hope.

    I filled out the HireRight form 5/21 after receiving an email for a possible Work Order Sched position, and haven’t heard anything to date. Since then, I’ve also applied for a few other jobs that my qualifications may fit – and when I check the rayjobs website it says ‘Received’ on all but two of the positions and those say ‘In Review’.

    How do I show them I am still interested in any of the positions I applied for? I assume they are still open since the website says ‘Jobs without active links are no longer accepting submissions.’

    Thanks! And I really enjoy reading what everyone has to say.



    Nice. Lots of interest in new people.
    For those of you needing info, if you went to the job fair, call the people you talked to and see where you stand. If you don’t have someone to call, you are at the mercy of the system. You might try calling HR and see where you stand. If you have a hirerite ap, you might get through the operator. Let us know, how you fair.
    This is the reason we say don’t despair if you aren’t the first choice. This is the time of year that all those wonderfully qualified people they hire first start to drop out or flunk the PQ process. Now the rest of you get looked at. It happens every year. If you went to the job fair and have a person to call, give it a try. Who knows, today may be the day their primary person dropped out and they were going to start calling people. We are 6 weeks from Winfly, so they will be scrambling for the early positions. The October Mainbody rush will be coming in another month or two.
    Good luck all


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