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    I have been offered an alternate shuttles position and am wondering my chances of getting called up?  I know nothing is guaranteed, but I have heard that I have a pretty good chance?!?!  I might be getting offered a primary in another department next week, but I have to admit, shuttles sounds like something I would really like to do…So do I take the primary, if offered, just to get there and then try for shuttles next year?
    Thanks for your thoughts!


    Unless your other job is a DA, take the primary. Always better to have one in the hand than … well, you know. IMHO, shuttles, however cushy and fun it might seem is very low pay and I wouldn’t hold out for an alternate to come through for that job when anything else is open and primary.


    No matter what you decide to do, take the alternate possition. That gets you started on the PQ process, and makes you a more prime candidate for a primary possition. Whether you end up in shuttles, or as a DA, or wherever, take the alternate possition now, so you can at least get the long pile of paperwork rolling.

    Good luck. Oh, and Shuttles is a good job.


    I have a different question that came up with a friend. What if you take the alternate, get PQ’d  and then get a job in the states while you are waiting. If your alternate position turns into a primary, but you have to turn it down because you took another job back home, Do you still get reinbursed for the medical expenses.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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