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    Hey Everyone! Hope all of you who are currently on the Ice are enjoying your Winfly and getting lots done. Good luck to everyone else getting ready to head down!

    I’m PQ’d as an alternate. So funny, this year I had tons of offers of alternate positions or people wanting to interview me for alternate positions. I guess I wasn’t on the ball enough pursueing primary jobs than the ones I had my hopes on. That’s OK. But hey, keep your ears open if a position opens up and they need someone to fill it. I’m ready and available!

    I’ve been SUPER busy this past month – and continue to be so for now – so lately I haven’t been following up on the job front too much. So I really appreciate your ears on the ground (er Ice).



    K, what are some of the jobs you are alternate for? Sounds like you’ve got pretty good odds at this point, people are NPQing every day.


    BT says a Pole waste tech just NPQ’d. I’d apply but I’m probably way under-qualified; besides, it sounds way too relaxing and fun.


    Does anybody know if they ever move GAs over to Waste Tech positions? My girlfriend is an alternate for a GA position at Pole, and we’re hoping that one of the primaries will get a promotion before they go down.


    Hey People,
    I am havening a bottle of wine with Roxie at the coffee house. She is the bartender tonight. Hope all will be here soon.
    See all later,


    You’re only technically an alternate for one position – although in most situations, you can accept other jobs – just depending on who hired you as an alternate and whether they want to allow you that freedom or not. I’m an alternate for Work Order Scheduler for the heavy shop – a job I’ve done before – and Jim will allow me to take other jobs.

    I was also offered alternate for assistant manager for the snowmobile shop (words escape me right now as to what that place is called – grrrrr) – but that manager wanted to lock me in as an alternate for that job – cutting out other possibilities.

    HR wanted to interview me for alternate for Admin Coordinator for Crary – but I already had an alternate job. Geesh – if I had known that job had been open, I would have pursued it outright and am bummed I missed out on that opportunity. I’m still hoping that somehow magically that position will open up – but very unlikely.

    I was primary choice for Admin Coord for the galley – but then another position wasn’t funded, so they moved the person from that unfunded position to Admin Coordinator – and that left me without a primary job.

    I was pursueing jobs in the computer department – but now HR is requiring three years experience – I have certification but not three years direct experience. That departmetn was my first choice – but that was big no-go.

    So lots of options – just nothing panned out. I’m pretty sure something will open up – and I’m OK if it doesn’t open up until November! I could stand enjoying my whole October here!


    Hi Kimberly,

    Have faith. I was alernate for two years and finally got the call half way in the third year. I never gave up and kept applying.

    Just got home from a Wild Land Fire the Indian Trail about 6 miles east of Wolf Creek, Montana. This is my summer job before I head south for my other summer job in Shuttles. I posted 4 pictures (Took 60) of the fire at:

    See everyone Nov 20 (Late deploy I volunteered as a scheduled shuttle driver could not make it down).

    Mike Poole – I have all the Amateur Satellite equipment ready along with MC-60 adapter for the Kenwood and a nice Bencher Keyer for CW. Looking forward to running the Ham Shack on Sundays on HF and working VK’s and ZL’s on the three FM satellites.

    Cheers from Montana Bill Erhardt (aka Smokey)


    Kimber – are you thinking of M-E-C? 😉

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