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    Longtime lurker, first time poster.
    Hi everyone. I attended the job fair in Centennial this year and had a very good discussion with the hiring managers. After reading postings about other candidates getting jobs or even hired at the job fair I was starting to think that this was not my year. The other day I received several e-mails regarding the hireright process and login information. It seems to me that this is a significant step in getting an offer letter for a position in the information technology department. Can anyone that has been hired and been to the ice in the past confirm the hiring process?


    I’m too far out of the hiring process to know for sure, but in the past you didn’t get the hirerite app unless you were seriously being considered for  a primary or alternate position. Anyone know if they give the hirerite to everyone?. My recommendations for you is to get in touch with the persons who you were talking to and let them tell you what the hirerite ap means.


    Yo, Renegade —
    What position in IT were you after?


    It seems that you have to submit the hireright application to get into HR’s system “for real”. Then I had a second interview with my boss and received the offer letter. Mike’s recommendation is probably the most informative course of action — contact the people you spoke with at the job fair.

    Good luck!


    I think the hireright depends of the position and the hiring manager.
    Some people will get the hireright and be in the system if they’re
    “in the running”, some will get it if they are an alternate and some
    will get it if they are a primary.  I would definitely think that if you got
    the hireright, things are looking bright. 
    Mike…how is your winter going?  Getting dark and cold enough for
    you yet.  I’m typing this while enjoying my first “outdoor” cafe experience
    in the States in 5 years and first since Christchurch in August.  Say hi
    to Lorie for me!


    Thanks Tom, that’s my impression. If you have a hire rite app. then things are looking up. Still it’s a little odd to get one without talking to anyone. I would still call the person who interviewed you and see where you are in the process.
    Winter is progressing fine. Another benign year with no skuttlebut. We had the MCI drill yesterday. A simulated fire at the carp shop. They took out as volunteer victims three of my stretcher-bearers, one of the medical auxillary heads and the transportation comms officer, all of whom work there. In spite of the hurdles we rallyed and covered the spots.
    Winter is setting in.  Yesterday for the first time, it never got light enough at noon for the streetlight in front of  B121 to turn off. I call that the beginning of winter. We had a short burst of -40 weather. That was odd for April but we are back to the normal  -15 stuff.
    Are you guys coming in for the summer? I’ll be back without Lorie.


    I think the hireright part depends on the manager more than anything else really. I remember when I applied first I knew nothing about anything there and put my resume in well after the job fair, I got a call andthe application was here a few days later, my friends have all filled out their hireright papers without any calls so I think it was because the managers knew they were friends of mune and didn’t need any explanations as I would do such with them. I heard that some had a few calls before and maybe its because the hiring managers were not sure about them or could not remember them very well. As long as you have te papers, fill them and await the call to see if its primary or alternate as I think some wait until they see the results and references before making their minds up about positions, amount of viable applicants also has an impact but it looks like there was a lot of people at the job fair to cover all open spots.
    Hope everyone has as much fun doing the paperwork as I had, nice to not have to do that any more these days.
    Mike, when is someone going to set a streaming video cam up somewhere now that you guys have all that lucious bandwidth? Its a long way to the I-Drive, I still think they should sell access to that resource to us who have been there before, haha. Give Lorie a nice hug from me please and say hi to everyone who comes in.


    Hi Mike,
    Sounds like a nice mellow winter.  Nice to have a smaller population
    again after last winter.  Yes, Lynn and I will be down for this summer.
    Lynn’s coming down at Winfly to take over for Lorie as the MDS, so
    I’m guessing she’ll probably be on the first flight.  As for me, I’ll be down
    on one of the first flights of Mainbody as a Air Services Rep with ATO.
    I’m looking forward to it and think it will be a lot of fun.  Lynn and I are
    busy being domestic these days at our new house in Grand Junction, CO
    (I even bought a lawn mower…YIKES!) but we’re looking forward to having a nice warm summer.


    So Renegade
    Did you call and what did they say?


    Hey Pooles98,
    I may get slapped around for saying this but I did not call. I don’t have direct contact information for the managers that interviewed me at the job fair. Although I did ask for it I was just suggested to just call the main line for updates which I probably will do soon. Since I only received and filled out the hireright application about 3 or 4 business days ago, it may be too soon for any other communication regarding these positions to reach me.


    Oh and that reminds me, I never received the hire right app when I applied for several jobs last year. Either hiring practices have changed (probably not), or I am in a good position this year for an offer.


    Nah, we aren’t going to slap you around.  I’m guessing you are in a good position, but you do seem to be the only one with a hirerite ap who hasn’t had a second interview. Odd, but you never know. I think I would still follow up. Good luck.


    Don’t worry – if Renegade gets a job in IT we’ll bitch-slap him when he gets to the ice.


    Raytheon rules of behavior– number 37 paragraph 3, sub paragraph16
    [font=Arial Black, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif:9srlx3dt]”No slapping allowed, especially in IT” [/font:9srlx3dt]


    I think that’s a misprint.

    It’s supposed to say, “No SCHLEPPING allowed, especially in IT.” It refers to moving things over 40lbs.

    I believe dope-slaps are not only allowed but encouraged. In fact, maybe everybody at Mactown should start their morning by walking through the JSOC building and slapping everyone they see, just on general principles. ;->

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