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    On the ice for 3 seasons and loved every minute of it! 96 to the very sad DECOM. The greatest time of my career. Been to the pole many times, as well as a few other station’s.

    If there are any other 6’ers out there that had the privilege to sign the “Warm up hut” after changing a prop or engine, I have bad news. The Air National Guard has taken it upon themselves to destroy it and build a new one. A real shame as that door had a lot of history on it, dating back to the early 70’s. Just thought you might like to know.


    Hi IcePirate,

    I was wintering at McMurdo in 96-97, I believe that was the last season for VXE-6 and the winter-over Navy crew there. A great bunch of folks!

    Hadn’t heard about the Warm-Up Hut, but I hope the Tiki Hut has survived — an entire room decorated in bamboo. I changed hands from year to year and I’m not sure where (or even IF) it is today.




    AD 2 Larry Johnson. 80-84. It’s sad news to hear of the warm up hut being destroyed. That hut had names in it from the fifties forward. The walls were covered with names when I was there I wish I could have seen it in it’s final glory.


    Jan 01/2012
    you probably talked to me at Pole on VHF name is “neil” from WV. XD-07 was CITY OF CHRISTCHURCH the newest plane.
    I talked to the last plane XD-03 Feb 14 1999 got a photo of it flyby with ceremonial Pole in foreground. Been to Pole 17 Summers and 3 at Old Siple. XD-03 is the one they recovered from site D-59 tail 321. The old XD-03 crashed on that site.
    I have that patch on my jacket. I have so many patches on that jacket someone called me “patches”.


    Welcome Spoleman!

    Wow, you’ve got a serious amount of Ice experience. Not many people even know what/where Old Siple is. Thanks for checking in!

    Show us your patches. 😎

    Been There

    You mean Siple I or Siple II……there are a few of us around that know Siple is NOT Siple Coast or Siple Dome. It is Siple Station, a wonderful five hour flight from McMurdo….and you had to stop at Byrd on the way back for fuel if you wanted to deliver any kind of payload,



    There were some issues with uploading spoleman’s patch pictures so I’m helping out. These are his.


    Spoleman, I’m seriously impressed! I’ve got some of those patches…and I’ve been to Siple II (and into Siple I) but don’t have the patch! Thanks for sharing.


    Hi Bill, I think 7 guys wintered at Siple in 1986. The Summer of 1985 I was on main body into Siple Michael Bates was station Manager. The living module was 40′ down and Michael Bates went below by holding the ladder on the sides with his hands and boots and not using the steps. I used the steps. Next Season a couple of floors were put in by welder Michael Patterson. That first season Summer of 1985 was the last time model 28 paper tape was used at Siple. BTY Jon Martinson mailed me a sparkless morse hand key he had found at Siple. I still have it and know how to use it. I met you at Siple and I too visited Siple I. Quite a sight to see. Really crushed. Yes that Siple patch is a rare one.


    Yes Neil, I certainly did meet you at Siple in January 1988…that was an amazing experience. My mission was to figure out how to extend the life of the place for a year or two, but while I was there NSF announced they were going to close the station. Here’s one of my pictures, Jon Martinson is at right, and dammit if I can remember who the other folks were.

    I have other pictures, yes I intend to put them on the web site someday…unfortunately almost all of my pictures in the arch/Siple I turned out too dark.

    I never knew Nude made it there and worked on the steps/floors.


    I know that picture. You can find a bit of discussion regarding it on page 14 or 15 of the Antarctic Trivia thread in the main Discussion part of the board.


    You’ve got a better memory than I do. I knew it was on here somewhere but couldn’t remember where 😎

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