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    Since spidey (and presumably others) want to get an idea on what everyday life is like on The Ice AND since skua77 sort of echoed my sentiment in the “spidey’s what about list” I’ve decided to start a thread for links to Antarctic blogs.

    Here are a couple to get things started:

    both of those are from recent first-timers to the ice, the first one went down with a summer contract and ended up tacking a winter on. The other was a summer only. Both, in my opinion, give a great perspective – a grunt’s eye view if you will…of what life can be like on ice.


    Bravo! and thanks for that.
    Much appreciated.


    I’m just about done with the Mananath one. What a collection of awesome photos.
    I’ll save the other for tomorrow. This is some really great stuff.
    Hope I find a blog from an IT guy.
    And just for fun, here’s a nice penguin shot from my trip today…



    @spidey wrote:


    Hope I find a blog from an IT guy.

    A PC tech….

    #6542 has a lot of links to other Antarctic bloggers and websites.


    Here’s a couple more: (don’t think this one is still active)


    I keep mine sort of up to date, plus there is archives from the past couple years.


    I’m looking for new blogs to read from the people just now settling in for the summer. Any suggestions? Thanks! 😀


    Do you know blogs of people who are wintering? Every blog site has a bunch of links to others, but most aren’t current.

    So far I’ve got 3 for this winter:


    Genevieve returning to Pole for the 2010 winter, Nathan was there for the 2009 winter but is not returning, and Mike is wintering at McMurdo in 2010.
    Other than that, things are really busy just now for winterovers and others and they have other things to do than post blogs. For the moment (at least for Pole) I highly recommend comm tech Shaun Meehan and science tech Ethan Good And always worth following is Tom Hamann but I can’t post any more links in this reply.

    I’ll update things at least for Pole after the last flight.


    Hi All,

    I just discovered this board today. I worked in Telco at McM in the summers of ’99-’01, and in Comms for the winters of ’08 and ’09, and the summer of ’09-’10. My blog doesn’t have a lot of current ice content, since I’m working in the DHQ full time now. I do have some cool pics of flying around in helos and stuff this last summer. It’s at:


    Okay, it’s not really a blog, it’s an exhibit!

    A couple of my wildlife photos — and pictures from other Ice friends — are on display at New York’s American Museum of Natural History’s “Race to the End of the Earth” show.

    I like that. 😀


    Awesome! I’ll head in to see it this weekend. Any tips on how to find yours?


    [attachment=0:3t4qhz9q]41150_1582454322639_1274147389_31602595_472889_n.jpg[/attachment:3t4qhz9q]I was supposed to go see the Race to the End of the Earth today but rain was forecast and Rainy Weekends and museums are not a good mix in NYC. So instead we went to the opposite extreme and went outdoors on Governor’s Island for a car show.
    I’m curious now, as to what the history of vehicles in Antarctica is. Who made Ivan the Terrible or any of the other vehicles?
    Here’s my prize winner from today, but who knows anything about what is used down South?


    Most of the big vehicles you see in the photos are made by Canadian Foremost.

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